Google Pay | Setting Up and Using Google Pay
Google Pay | Setting Up and Using Google Pay
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Setting Up and Using Google Pay®

For Personal/Small Business Banking


Setting Up and Connecting Cards to Google Pay®

For directions setting up Google Pay and connecting your card, please review this Google Support article.

Conducting an In-store Transaction with Google Pay®

1.Wake up and unlock your phone. You do not need to open the Google Play application.

  • If you have multiple cards and wish to make another your default card, tap and hold the card you wish to use and drag it to the top of the wallet to make it the default payment card. 

2. Hold the back of the phone against the terminal or within 1/2 inch to an inch away from the terminal.

  • If prompted, choose "credit" regardless of the type of card.
  • If using a debit card via Google Pay, the terminal may prompt you to enter your PIN.

3. When payment is successful, you will see "Done" and a checkmark on the display of the device. 

Resolving Google Pay® Transactional Issues

If nothing appears on the Mobile Device or Terminal when Checking Out:

1. Ensure that the point of sale terminal is NFC enabled. At a store, look for the NFC logo or the Google Pay logo.

2. Hold your phone within 1/2 to 1 inch away from the terminal. 

3.Try holding your phone a different way. The NFC antenna may be located either at the top or bottom of your device.

4. Make Google Pay the default payment app on your device.

  • Go to Settings - NFC & Payment - Tap & Pay

5. Consult with the cashier/sales agent to ensure that the terminal is functioning properly.

If Your Mobile Device Displays “Card Cannot be Read” or Similar Error Message:

1. Re-attempt payment by placing your phone near the terminal.

2. Consult with the cashier/sales agent to ensure that the terminal is functioning properly.

3. If the terminal is functioning properly, please reach out directly to Google Support, as this may be an application or hardware/software related issue.

If the Google Pay Transaction is Declined at Checkout:

1. Verify that the issue is not related to the payment card (e.g., insufficient funds, incorrect PIN, etc).

2. If the device vibrated and a green check mark appeared, but the merchant did not receive payment, ask the cashier for help. The merchant's terminal may have a problem accepting payments.

3. If you have verified the above information, and still have trouble performing a transaction, please reach out to your local banking center to report the issue.