Interest bearing accounts to help you plan for your future

Plant your money and watch it grow.

Extra funds on hand? Consider investing in an interest-bearing account such as a CD or Retirement Account. While savings accounts earn interest, our investment and long term deposit accounts give you the chance to earn a better return on your investment, with the added security of FDIC insurance.

Retirement Accounts*

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement. From Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs) to Health Savings Accounts, we offer the products you need to confidently plan for your future. Each type of account requires $500 to open, and interest is earned based on term and balance. Our account specialists would be happy to answer your questions and guide you on which plan is best suited to your individual needs.

CDs (Certificates of Deposit)*

For those who prefer a more traditional investment plan, Certificates of Deposit are available. When you invest in a CD, your money will earn interest over a set period of time. After the CD has matured, you’ll have the option to withdraw the money or roll it over to begin a new term. We offer a variety of investment terms from 3 months to 4 years, and we won’t limit you to a specific term. We give you the freedom to set your own timeframe on the investment. Do you prefer a 5-month investment instead of 3? We can do that. Once the CD is opened the rate is set for the term. The minimum amount required to open a CD is $500. Contact us to inquire about CD rates today.

*Early withdrawal may result in penalties